Monica Nyenkan ’18

Class of 2018, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Arts Administration

My IDS study had many different facets; I took administration, visual art, theatre, business, communication, sociology, and culture classes. This major allowed me to explore the intersection where art and business meet. The IDS Major gave me so much flexibility to take the classes and internships I needed to get the job I wanted.


The Beginning

After sustaining a major injury in her left hip, Monica was left confused and hopeless because her dream of dancing throughout college was crushed. During her first year of college, the Business major from North Carolina found her love of marketing but felt something was missing. Feeling unchallenged creatively, Monica went searching for something else. 

Eventually she found information concerning the Interdisciplinary Studies Major on MMC’s website and set an appointment with then-coordinator Dr. Peter Naccarato. “He explained to me what the degree was and how I could pursue it”, she explained. “We chatted about my likes and dislikes, my aspirations, and possible career paths. We then decided that an Arts Administration path would be something I would be interested in.” After she was connected with  Mary Fleischer, Chair of Theatre Arts, Monica says “everything clicked.” 

A Recent Graduate

“Knowing the administrative side of art makes me a more viable artist. Mixing my creative capabilities with a business education allowed me to work both sides of my brain, which ultimately satisfied my need to create and learn. I investigated the many different departments of an art institution which taught me significant job skills such as web design and management, photo editing, and event planning. Achieving an Arts Administration/Management via the Interdisciplinary Studies Major provided me with the tools to become a well-rounded artist.”