Anthony Palenscar ’98

  • Anthony Palenscar ’98

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Theatre Arts

Current Title

Concierge, Tiffany & Co.

Spotlight Story

In the years since departing Marymount Manhattan, Anthony Palenscar 98 has traveled the world for work and pleasure, but New York remains his home. Presently residing in Queens, the Theatre Arts alumnus is a concierge for Tiffany & Co., providing luxury hospitality to clients visiting the Manhattan landmark. Before that, Palenscar spent a decade as a performer.

“My passion for travel and the arts—which led me to the opportunity to live in Japan for two years and retain the language—has been a wonderful gift that keeps on giving,” he says.

Palenscar also discovered an interest in ancestry and recently brought together relatives who had never previously met. In the process, he compiled the necessary documentation to gain Irish citizenship.

“My dream would be to move to Ireland, or any part of the European Union, and bring theatre to a small community where I could make a difference—while also running a bed-and-breakfast,” he says. “Not so out-of-this-world, right?”