Joshua Sherman ’00

  • Joshua Sherman ’00

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Theatre Design

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Spotlight Story

As he selected courses for his senior year at MMC, Joshua Sherman realized he needed to fulfill a science requirement and signed up for a 100-level nutrition course. The Theatre Design major saw it as a means to an end, but it ultimately changed his life.

“During Professor Suzanne Polo, R.D.’s class, I decided that I would pursue a career in medicine. To my surprise, many of the skills I had developed in the arts—problem solving, communication, dealing with a wide range of personalities—carried over perfectly,” he says. 

Now a practicing physician, Sherman credits MMC for preparing him for success. He recalls, “When I approached Professor Bill Bordeau to tell him of my interest in medicine, he was completely supportive. He said, ‘One of our theatre graduates is a priest. Why shouldn’t we have a doctor, too?!’”

When not treating patients, Sherman still makes theatre a priority. He is developing and producing a one-man show called Antonio’s Song, which stars MMC alumnus and faculty member Antonio Edwards Suarez ’98—the pair have been best friends since Sherman’s first year at MMC.

Sherman also created a digital series called CHARMERS, which showcases his home state, Vermont, and features Broadway stars. To learn more about all of Sherman’s artistic endeavors, visit