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Nic Bannon ’07

  • Nic Bannon ’07

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Communication Arts

Current Title

Owner, Tecfriendly

Spotlight Story

When Nic Bannon discovered Marymount Manhattan College online, he knew the school setting and its opportunities for life in New York City would be a perfect match.  Majoring in Communication Arts, Nic’s technological bent was fostered by professors who understood the culture, values, and how the 20th and 21st centuries were coming together as industries moved from analog to digital.  They created an educational conversation linking art, media, and personal growth that became Nic’s launching pad into a career in which his passion for technology and love of helping others put him at the crossroads of customer service and entrepreneurship.  Nic joined Shapeways, a 3-D printing start-up, after graduation.  From there, he launched his own company, Tecfriendly, bringing his digital expertise and experience right to clients’ homes, providing tech support, lessons, troubleshooting, concierge services, and door-to-door delivery on repairs and replacements.  While launching his own company, Nic has remained at Shapeways where he can network with people the world over who are on the cutting edge of prototyped new products.

Living in Sunnyside, Queens, with fellow alumna Sarah Fannie Cohen ’07, Nic enjoys cooking, travel and DIY projects.  He also hosts “Filibuddies,” a weekly political review, with fellow alumnus Dan Doubet ’06 that can be seen on YouTube.  He continues his involvement with the Marymount Manhattan community by serving as a digital life coach for other alumni. 

This spotlight originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of MMC Magazine.