Trish Shortell ’90

  • Trish Shortell '90
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Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Communication Arts

Current Title

Managing Director, MediaLink

Spotlight Story

While Trish Shortell didn’t realize it at the time, the experience she had while attending Marymount Manhattan College laid a solid foundation for her life.  The liberal arts education she received exposed her to a wide range of topics and interests, and most importantly, sparked a curiosity for learning she still holds close.

“Saying MMC prepared me for life and work is not specific enough.  It was the faculty, fellow students, alumni, the staff, and administration,” said Shortell. “There is a magic that happens to people who meet at this small gem of a school on the Upper East Side.  People naturally open up and share knowledge.  There are very few places in this world that bring out such a generous spirit.” 

In the 29 years since graduating with a degree in Communication Arts, Shortell has worked her way up the executive recruiting and talent management ladder, overseeing searches for clients as diverse as entrepreneurial start-ups and multinational corporations.  Today she is Managing Director of MediaLink, overseeing MediaLink’s talent specialty.  While she has been lucky to find work she loves, her utmost accomplishment is her family. She has been married for 19 years and is a mother to three children: JT, 18; Jack, 16 and Holly, 14. 

This spotlight originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of MMC Magazine.

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