Sasha Maceira

  • Sasha Maceira

Professor Maceira is currently working toward her PhD in the English program at The CUNY Graduate Center. Her focus is Composition and Rhetoric, and particular research interests include: Expressive Pedagogies, Narrative Theory, Phenomenology, Cultural Studies, Marxism, and Writing Program Administration.


Adjunct Faculty of Academic Writing


“I’ve been teaching college writing since the fall of 2012, and every day seems more exciting to me.  I truly enjoy watching students develop as writers and become more confident in their ideas—through both writing and speaking.  Most important is the focus on the process of their work—that they develop an original hold of their words that is unique—that makes each student stand apart from the next.  To me, this is a crucial aspect of being in the writing classroom, because each student has something unique to offer through personal experience, and it’s an exhilarating moment when they realize this themselves.”