Samantha Berkule Johnson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Samantha Berkule Johnson joined the faculty of Marymount Manhattan College in 2011. After attending Cornell University for her undergraduate studies in human development, she received her doctorate in developmental psychology from Yeshiva University.

Dr. Berkule’s parent-child research interests include infant and child development, specifically parent-child interactions, maternal sensitivity, maternal depression, attachment, early reading, and parenting interventions. She is a researcher and trainer for the Video Interaction Project (VIP), a pediatric primary care-based, relationship-based intervention which aims to enrich parent-child interactions and enhance school readiness at New York University School of Medicine/Bellevue Hospital Center in Pediatrics, with which she has worked since 2005.

Dr. Berkule is a ZERO TO THREE Leaders for the 21st Century Fellow.

Dr. Berkule has taught at Yeshiva University, Lehman College, New York University School of Medicine, and Manhattanville College prior to joining the faculty at MMC. She teaches the following courses: General Psychology, Developmental Psychology: Child Development, Developmental Psychology: Adolescent and Adult Development, Attachment Across the Lifespan, and the first year New York City Seminar Big Love in the Big Apple: Romantic Attachment in New York City.

Dr. Berkule is an FAA-certificated private pilot and lives in New York City. 


Associate Professor of Psychology







B.S., Cornell University

M.A., Yeshiva University

Ph.D., Yeshiva University

Recent Work

Selected Publications (*denotes co-first authorship)

Berkule Johnson, S., Arevalo, J., Cates, C.B., Weisleder, A., Dreyer, B.P., & Mendelsohn, A.L. (2016). Perceptions about parental engagement about Hispanic immigrant mothers of first graders from low-income backgrounds. Early Childhood Education Journal, 44(5), 445-452.

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