The Playground

The Playground. Its inspired by one of the top dance complexes in Los Angeles. The purpose and the mission of the club are to promote self-love, self-expression and stress relief through movement. What sets us apart is our open door policy. While the other clubs really base their practices on getting ready for performances and make you audition. The Playground will be a place to let loose, sweat, laugh and just learn for the trill of trying something new and out of your comfort zone. There will be no set members list and we won’t have any baseline performances. We will have a showcase every semester to congratulate those who’ve improved and those who’ve thrived and found a new form of therapy. Our hope is to create a safe place for people that were always left behind or ignored.

This club is currently inactive. Inactive clubs may be reactivated at any point during the academic year. Contact Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development for more information.