Pamela Price ’08

  • Pamela Price, American Ninja Warrior
  • Pamela Price, American Ninja Warrior

Graduation Year


Major at MMC

Theatre Performance major, Art History minor

Current Title

Vice President at LATF USA and Professional OCR Athlete

Spotlight Story

Pamela Price, who graduated from MMC in 2008, has some words of advice for current MMC students: “You don’t have to do just one thing in life…You can do whatever you want, as long as you are determined and you work tirelessly with passion.”

A professional journalist, award show producer, dance teacher, and obstacle course racing (OCR) athlete, this is advice Price herself has truly taken to heart. She is Vice President at LATF USA, a daily digital entertainment/lifestyle news site, for which she manages and produces content. She is also Executive Producer for LATF’s annual Hollywood Beauty Awards (HBAs)—colloquially known as the “Oscars of Beauty”—which recognizes the makeup artists, hairstylists, costume designers/stylists, and photographers who create celebrity looks on screen, on the red carpet, and in editorial pieces.

In her spare time, Price is a competitive athlete, training seven days a week and racing multiple times a month. In December, she placed third in her age group at the OCR National Championship (partnered with Spartan Races), in which she completed a 5-kilometer race encompassing 25 obstacles, such as tire flips, rings, rope climbing, and mud swims. Her performance didn’t go unnoticed—in February 2019, she was scouted for and cast on Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior, which she taped in Los Angeles in early March.

Though her career has taken her in multiple directions, Price credits her MMC education with providing a crucial foundation for her future. A Theatre Performance major and Art History minor, she specifically remembers her courses with David Mold, Professor of Theatre Arts and Chair of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts. “The lessons of ‘knowing my objectives’ on a day-to-day basis and acting toward my goals from David’s classes have helped me in life and as an athlete,” Price says. “Before every race I ask myself, ‘What is my objective?’ Whether it’s to podium or just to conquer each obstacle one by one, his lessons have taught me well in crossing every finish line.”

Now a Los Angeles resident, Price is also grateful for the friendships she forged in college. “The incredible community of friends at MMC becomes a family base, especially as many of us move from NYC to LA,” she explains. 

A dedicated athlete committed to constant self-improvement, Price is sure to continue to tackle any obstacle she faces next. Catch her journey on the upcoming season of American Ninja Warrior, premiering on May 29.

Follow her training @BabyNinjaWarrior on Instagram.