The Balcony


The intersections of sex, politics, revolution, and artifice are all explored in Jean Genet’s The Balcony. Set in Madame Irma’s brothel, and against the backdrop of riotous revolution in the streets, The Balcony employs highly theatrical, fantastical, and presentational styles and challenges us to look at how fantasy and role-play directly influence our societal views on power and authority. The production features a newly updated translation by Jean-Claude van Itallie and contemporary approaches to staging and movement, to provoke us to hold a mirror up to our own culture.

Credit Information

By Jean Genet

Translated by Jean-Claude van Itallie

Performance Location

Theresa Lang Theatre

Performance Dates & Times

October 10-12, 2019 at 8pm

October 12-13, 2019 at 2pm