Love and Information


Our world today often seems beset with a rushing stream of news, facts, postings and other bits of information whose shear volume sometimes threatens to numb us to the very immediacy of own humanity. Ironically for all our “connection” and “informedness” we increasingly find ourselves more and more alone, exposed, and grasping for meaning. Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information presents 100 characters over 57 scenes grappling with questions pertaining to information, identity, memory, and love. Each scene offers a dialogue between two or more characters trying to make sense of a moment, a dilemma, or a bond between people. As Mark Pritchard, Resident Dramaturg at Australia’s Malthouse Theatre put it, “At its heart, Churchill’s fascinating play is charging us to do that essential human thing, the only thing that holds us together—communication, human to human, working together to create meaning and beauty in a chaotic world.”

Credit Information

by Caryl Churchill

Performance Location

New York Live Arts

Performance Dates & Times

November 1-3, 2019