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Sarah Jane Arnegger ’06

Class of 2006, Communication Arts major

“I was able to challenge myself with the classes I chose and the professors I wanted to study with. The greatest thing a liberal arts program can provide is the opportunity to learn purpose and creativity and to foster personal growth.”


Every theatregoer knows the sensation of leafing through a Playbill in the minutes before the lights dim and the curtain rises. But few know about the committed people who work at Playbill, such as Sarah Jane Arnegger ’06.

As the Education Director for Playbill, Inc., Arnegger oversees two educational websites: PlaybillEDU and PLAYBILLder. She also manages Playbill’s educational partnerships, including those with the NYC Department of Education, BroadwayCon, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

“I am leading the charge at Playbill to promote arts and theatre education by working not only within our own network, but with our partners in New York City and around the country. I get to challenge myself every day and help foster a new community of students who are just discovering the performing arts,” she says.

Arnegger’s ties to the arts run deep: before enrolling at MMC she had already completed internships with Broadway companies, including Disney Theatrical Group, Boneau/Bryan-Brown, and The Karpel Group. As a Communication Arts major, she devised an educational path to fit her interests and goals.

Today, in addition to extensive travel, the Astoria resident performs for the Educational Theatre Association, also serving on its Alumni Counsel and Foundation Advisory Board.