Strong Fxmale Lead

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote more leadership roles for womxn in theatre in both performance and technical roles and to produce productions with womxn in the majority of operations in order to provide more opportunities for womxn to be represented on and offstage at Marymount Manhattan College.

While Strong Fxmale Lead productions are welcome to include all men who wish to be involved and supportive in their productions, the focus will be on empowering womxn and trans artists, providing them with opportunities to express themselves creatively and professionally, and to share this empowerment with the rest of the College in the form of theatre. Each semester shall consist of 2-3 productions, classical or contemporary, with the possibility of one student-written play being involved, either preexisting in its focus on trans or fxmale leading characters or reinterpreted in a creative modern lens including methods such as nontraditional casting, with education, creative expression, and representation is the goal of the productions.


For more information, join us on MMC Engage.

For more information, please email or Kevin Croke, Assistant Director of Student Development.