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Congratulations to all our Fall 2024 admitted students! We can’t wait to welcome you to NYC this fall. Be sure to make your deposit today to secure your spot.

Keenan Cooks ’12

Class of 2012, Major in Communication Arts

“It wasn’t until after I graduated and really started to thrive in my career that I realized how helpful my academic program and major really was. I took an editing class which has allowed me to create reels and promos for my classes and, as a result I’ve traveled the world teaching. Classes like interpersonal communication help me with tools to teach a great class and communicate with all types of people.”


When search for colleges, Keenan Cooks ’12 loved the fact that MMC isn’t your “average” campus. “It felt like the whole neighborhood was our campus, which allowed me the opportunity to explore and grow up,” he explains. “I also loved that the MMC population wasn’t huge, so you could really network and get to know people. During my time at MMC I was part of Soldiers of Hip-Hop, which allowed me to teach my first dance class in NYC!”

Cooks is currently an instructor at Broadway Dance Center, as well as a signed dancer, choreographer, and teacher with Bloc NYC talent agency. Below are just a few of Cooks’ projects:

Before his tenth birthday, doctors discovered Cooks had a brain tumor. After undergoing surgery, he was told he would never be able to dance again. Despite the odds, Cooks is now living his dream as a professional dancer and choreographer. “Do what you love! Don’t do what you think you should do, or what everyone in your family has done,” he says. “Find your passion and GO FOR IT! You will be surprised what you can accomplish when you genuinely love what you do.”