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Laura Wood ’05

Class of 2005, Major in Theatre Arts

After earning a BA in Theatre Arts at MMC, Laura Wood ’05 went on to earn a master’s in Drama Therapy at New York University and a Ph.D. in Counseling from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. She is an Assistant Professor at Lesley University, teaching drama therapy full time in the Drama Therapy and Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program. 


Wood previously served as President of the North American Drama Therapy Association, as well as taught a drama therapy course at MMC as part of the College’s revamped Drama Therapy minor.

Wood credits her acting training as an essential foundation for her success as a Registered Drama Therapist, Board Certified Trainer, and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. Studying Acting I and II with Ellen Orenstein, MFA, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, was particularly influential. “Those courses have been a major influence in how I think about the role of the body in mental health and how mental health ‘performs,’” she says. 

In summer 2019, Wood taught a seven-day course in drama therapy in Beijing and is currently working on a full-length book with colleague Dave Mowers on their CoActive Therapeutic Theater (CoATT) model. It is the first manualized model of Therapeutic Theater intended to support clients in different forms of recovery from conditions like eating disorders, addictions, and various types of medical traumas. She also operates her own theatre company, Recovery Through Performance, using the CoATT Model.

Currently residing in Boston, Wood is an equestrian and enjoys aerial arts, including silks and flying trapeze, as well as running, yoga, and being in nature. She’s also an avid traveler, as her work has provided the opportunity to travel to some amazing places to lecture. 

This feature was originally included in the Fall 2019 edition of MMC Magazine