Mary Brown


Adjunct Professor; Archivist/Bibliographer


History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies; Library





Mary Elizabeth Brown first came to Marymount Manhattan College in 1985 and has taught at MMC steadily since 1996. She began serving as MMC’s archivist part-time in 2001, and became a full-time member of the library staff in 2005.

This Professor Brown (there are many among the faculty) received her doctorate in 1987 partly on the strength of a dissertation that was later published in 1995 as Churches, Communities, and Children: Italian Immigrants in the Archdiocese of New York, 1880-1945. Most of her books and articles are on the intersection of Italian immigration and religion; she is currently awaiting publication of a history of Saint Joseph Patron, a Roman Catholic parish in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with a rich immigration history. She also reviews books regularly for Choice, a magazine for acquisitions librarians and blogs for the Center for Migration Studies at .

Professor Brown contributes to MMC’s course offerings by teaching immigration-themed history and writing courses, the college’s “Making of the Modern World” course, surveys of United States history and courses on shorter time periods within that history, and also courses on New York City history and on Greenwich Village. She works as a professor and a member of the library staff with MMC’s Higher Educational Opportunity Program. Outside of the classroom, she conducts walking tours during alumni reunions and the fall Family and Friends weekends, and serves secretary of the Marymount Union of Staff Employees.