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Hope Kenmore ’20

Class of 2020, Double Major in Biology and Dance

  • Hope Kenmore ’20
  • Hope Kenmore ’20

Right after graduating in May 2020, Hope Kenmore was hired as a full-time lab technician at the Institutional Biorepository Core (IBC) of Weill Cornell Medicine, where she is involved with research on COVID-19. She reports: 

The faculty have taught me so much and helped prepare me so I could start working right after graduating, despite a pandemic, struggling economy, and difficult job market.


The IBC takes in, processes, and stores human tissue samples from many different patients and participants for current studies and future research. I’m excited that in this position I will get to see many different kinds of research, as we are a central “biobank.” Many different research groups request sample collection and/or distribution from the IBC for studying all different types of diseases, cancer, and, of course, COVID-19.

In my first few days I have already accessioned and processed lots of
blood samples that were tested for COVID-19 antibodies, and started
training with the IBC’s Pathology Assistant to pick up new tissue
straight from biopsies and surgeries. I’m so excited about all my new
responsibilities, and I can tell I will continue learning a lot at
Weill Cornell.