Kyra Baklayan




Musical Theatre

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

If I were elected on the Theatre Arts Student Council I really want to work on making the whole department have an environment that is accepting and loving. This being through both teachers and students. I feel like as of now there is so much division between different grades, majors, etc. that you really only meet other people outside your grade/major when it is in a student run performance setting. I really would like to help create events and programs that help bring the Theatre Department community together to make it feel more like a community. As a whole, I really want to do this so that our department is a safe place for everyone. If we want to admit culture change, it has to come from a mutual level of the students and the teachers. I think pushing towards a nurturing, friendly environment is extremely important because in an education setting you should be exposed to as many different types of people as possible. Especially when we graduate it would be very beneficial to get to know all types of people in the department so when you are in the professional world you might have connections from your fellow peers. Overall, I really want to push towards making the Theatre department a community that fosters care where we all work together to support each other. I want to work on getting a trust between students and work to advocate for their needs. The program has many areas that need to change and we are starting to see that change, but is of course more we can do. With that change, a lot of it stems from not only the teachers, but the culture of the students that can use revision.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

I worked as an Assistant Director both at Marymount and outside places which give me an insight on how to communicate with Professors and students in a way that is professional and supportive. I always try and involve myself in the Theatre Arts department by attending shows, helping out with department auditions, being active in town halls, and keeping an active presence in engaging with Theatre Arts Faculty. I believe I serve as someone who is really well versed in listening and being empathetic with student needs. I hope to gain more experience in representing the student body and make sure their needs are met.