Paige Mercy




Production and Managemnt

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

I plan to use social media as the main way to communicate and engage with theatre students on our campus. Not only because everything is crazy right now, and we’re all using social media as a replacement for true human interaction anyways, but because it’s way more fun to fill out google forms or answer Instagram polls than most other things. I am also very dedicated to creating a more safe and fair learning environment for the theatre arts student at this school. I believe that we as stage management are responsible for fostering environments our people can work in without fear, and intend to do the same thing on a larger scale if I’m elected to TASC.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

I have founded and actively participated in school organizations that are geared towards facilitating safe spaces and advocating for minority groups in the past, and I fully intend to continue doing this with the TASC.