LeRoi Richardson




Writing For Stage

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

As one of the Few Black people in both programs, I think my presence will serve best as to better serving the BIPOC Theater Arts Students on campus. I want to help make theater arts department more diverse and equitable for students of color to feel safe. I will also make sure that the school abides by their Anti-Racist and inclusivity statements, especially within the Arts department.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

In the past 6 years, I’ve worked as an Acting/Playwriting Teacher in East Harlem. In my time there I was able to connect and mentor students, listen to them and gain an understanding of various backgrounds and lifestyles they were coming from. With my experience with my students I was able to bridge the gap between parents and students. I taught them how to use their voices and their craft to make people uncomfortable in efforts to foster change. I would hope to do the same with faculty and students in the Theater Arts Department.