Aingea Venuto


she/her and they/them


Musical Theatre

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

Theatre is all about shared experiences and growing as a community, whether we are the audience or the participants. We directly share the human experience through the artform, and this should be reflected in school policies. As a Theatre Arts Student Council member, I will implement and enforce these policies:
- Title IX will be upheld within the TASC space, as well as the major in general. The Anonymous Feedback Form will be made permanent to assure that students are able to make criticisms and air concerns without fear. In forums and events, students will be given equal chances to speak and debate.
- As a member of the council, I would like to progress views of gender in theater. As a nonbinary individual, I have constant trouble finding where I fit in. I would hope to give trans/GNC/nonbinary people resources to find trans playwrights and actors to connect with and read about.
- I would encourage the school towards gaining program-wide access to the New Play Exchange, an excellent resource for finding new playwrights and works. Many Marymount alum use this resource professionally, and I am grateful that I learned about it in class, and I hope more students could gain access to the platform through the school.
- I understand that my knowledge on BIPOC issues is severely limited, as I am not BIPOC. In addition, I understand that I cannot speak for the experiences or opinions of BIPOC. As a TASC member, I will uplift BIPOC voices instead of attempting to speak for them. I would also encourage theatre arts students to attend diversity programs around the university and engage in conversations around race.
- I would encourage more people throughout the program to attend student theatre events. While mainstage tends to draw a huge audience, I see that student-run theatre doesn’t always gain the same audience. Advocating for student theatre programs is what helps to keep student vision alive, and we see many amazing projects come out of these programs.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

I have experience in many formal and democratic areas! Allow me to list a few things:
• 4 years of Model UN - Model UN is basically a roleplaying club: you act as the United Nations and work to a complicated solution to a very specific problem. After four years in Model UN, I have developed a democratic problem-solving strategy, and a great way to keep points and objectives organized.
• Choral training - A chorus is a prime example of what a good council should look like: choruses have to work together to blend and make the sound even. Extreme teamwork training in choruses have taught me critical skills in working with people and solving specific issues.