Sofia Vilches




Musical Theatre (Arts Management Minor)

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

If elected, this would be my third year proudly and effectively serving on the Theatre Arts Student Council. Each year I have been driven and dedicated to making the Musical Theatre program and the Theatre Department at large a better place, full of communication and growth. I am punctual, reliable, hard-working, and full of ideas for this department that I love so much! I will continue to work towards the goals of TASC by using my arts management skills to run the TASC Instagram, posting information frequently to reach students and interact with them. I would plan more successful events, talkbacks, and forums to keep the students connected with each other and with the faculty, especially during this time. I would continue to openly communicate with the faculty in a professional manner regarding the concerns the students are discussing. I have always been consistent with TASC, having discussions with students and faculty, attending all meetings, and brainstorming new ideas. I think it would be valuable to have an experienced member of TASC to continue on the board this year, as it is changing and growing.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

In the past few years, I have successfully planned and helped execute many events, such as Apple/Strawberry Fest, Town Halls, and Social Mixers. Although we haven’t had elected a President of the Council in the past, I have always naturally taken a leadership position in the group. I am able to combine my experiences in Musical Theatre and Arts Management (Marketing, development, outreach, connections, etc.) to be a well rounded and effective council member. I currently lead the TASC Instagram and have created visually appealing graphics that share important information to students on that platform, even over the summer. I have great relationships with the faculty and with the students which is able to help me bridge the gap between the two groups.