Megan Townsend




Theatre History and Performance Text & Theatre and New Media

Academic Year


Briefly describe how you would contribute to implementing the goals of the Theatre Arts Student Council.

If I were to be selected for the Theatre Arts Student Council, I would want to make sure I am reaching out to others in the major and make sure I hear their suggestions and concerns. I think it is important to build that community within each major, and make sure we are all working together to support and help each other in our academic worlds.

Briefly describe your relevant past experience that would support your work as a representative on the Theatre Arts Student Council.

I am currently working as a Resident Advisor in the 55th Street dorms, and I have been for the past 2 years. From this experience, I have learned how create a community within the building and develop applicable problem solving skills. I have also worked on the Student Theatre At Marymount board as their secretary, so I have worked with many different people across majors to create a performance and a fun experience for all involved.