Eboni Rodgers ’21

Class of 2021, BFA in Acting and a minor in Fashion Studies

As part of my Fashion Studies minor in the Business Division, I interned with the company Vestiare Collective where I truly enjoyed a professional experience. I have learned and fine-tuned many new skills. So far, my learning includes information and formulas for excel spreadsheets, new approaches to outreach, and new research and recruiting methods.


Working with a global company based in France has been very fun and exciting. I have gone into meetings with 300+ people where I have heard new ideas and fun accents. I have experienced the new partnership with Kering that has allowed the company to reach new heights. I have discovered how to work the VPN and Back Office for Vestiaire Collective. I have learned how to onboard new sellers onto their website. I have also been able to share and express my ideas and critique methods with my team. I am very grateful for the team and community that I have at this company and I am excited for what the future holds.