Lindsay Kreighbaum ’12

Class of 2012, Major in Art with concentrations in Photography and Studio Art

I feel pretty lucky that I am still doing today what I pursued when I was 18! In college, I had numerous internships assisting artists, working at printing studios, and even photographing for an online clothing company. After college, I worked at a portrait studio in Manhattan’s Upper East Side before relocating to the West Coast.


Lindsay Kreighbaum ’12, a graduate of the Photography and Studio Art programs, has experienced success as a Los Angeles-based commercial photographer, specializing in food, product, and stop motion.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Kreighbaum maintained highly active business with clients such as Ladder Sport,(opens in a new tab) Mauna Loa(opens in a new tab), Herbalife,(opens in a new tab) Snap Kitchen(opens in a new tab), and more. She also produced special projects around her interest in people and food. Recently, Kreighbaum was featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune for her photography work documenting restaurants struggling with lockdowns during the pandemic.

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Interested in seeing how she uses photography to turn food into art? Check out her Instagram page or professional website at