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Sheridan Posschelle ’21

Class of 2021, Double Major in Art History and Art with a concentration in Graphic Design

Each Art History course cultivated my understanding of multiple perspectives on art; each one encouraged me to explore the subjects and topics that fed my curiosity. For example, I was thrilled to be able to pursue my interest in Native American art and culture by studying objects first-hand in New York collections, especially in the Diker Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I enjoyed and the relationships I formed with faculty in Art History at MMC.


After one introductory Survey of Western Art course at Marymount Manhattan College, my professor encouraged me to take the leap and pursue a B.A. in Art History. Through close mentorships with my professors, I developed my critical-thinking skills, my writing, my creativity, and my professionalism.

MMC Career Highlights:

  • Gold Key in Art/Graphic Design, Honorable Mention; Gold Key in Art History, Honorable Mention
  • Graduate, College Honors Program
  • Educator, Lululemon
  • Social Media Marketing Manager, GA Expertise
  • Summer Intern, Nancy Cawdrey Gallery