Ethan Giroux’ 22

Class of 2022, BA Business Major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship 

  • Ethan Giroux

The JK Watson Fellowship application process has been an exciting and enriching experience. Although applying was not easy or free from anxiety, it allowed me to gain many useful skills such as resume building, communicating effectively during an interview, and how to present my value as a business person. I was initially interested in the Fellowship because of the working and hands-on experience it offered, but I came to be more excited about the idea of working with a carefully selected group of business people with a vision of their own.


Ethan is a winner of 2020 IBM’s Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, a prestigious and extremely competitive award offered to students who demonstrate vision, ambition, and leadership. This three-year fellowship provides funded summer internships as well as unprecedented opportunities. As a first-year J.K. Watson Fellow, Ethan completed a summer internship working for the City of Pittsburgh as a member of Sustainability and Resilience, Food Security Project.

The following year, Ethan worked as a blog writer for the Clearpath Foundation, a nonprofit created to connect homeless youth to resources. As a junior  Ethan was offered  additional opportunities to intern at leading local and global organizations to deepen Ethan’s knowledge and experience in Social Entrepreneurship.