V. Alicia Steeves


Capitoline Venus


Musicians: Drew Schlingman (he/him) and Orchid McRae (she/they)

Choreography by Alicia Steeves

Lighting by Burke Brown

Costume Design by Gabrielle Corrigan



Michelle Luna (She/her), Danielle Strader (she/her), Bella Mittenthal (she/her), Chloe ‘Buggy’ Wells (they/she/hers), Isa Frick (they/them), Kayla Hsu (she/her), Libby Dusek (she/her), Jazmin Lakin (she/her), and Sophia Wright (she/her)

Link to Associated Photo Series: https://www.asteeves.com/capitolinevenus

Trigger Warning: This material involves strobe lighting and depictions of non-consensual undressing that some could find triggering.