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Jennifer Nugent is a performer, educator, mother, and partner. Jennifer addresses her body, mind and being through questioning. She articulates internal experiences through performance and teaching; augmenting these practices by sharing and refining ideas in front of others—a transmission of spoken and gestural language. Her dancing is profoundly inspired by Linda Rogers Albritton, Ann Cummings, Patricia Cummings, Beatrice LaVerne, Barbara Sloan, Bambi Anderson, Dale Andree, Gerri Houlihan, Daniel Lepkoff, Wendell Beavers, Lisa Race, David Dorfman, Patty Townsend, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Paul Matteson, and Janet Wong,

Jennifer has performed with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, Paul Matteson, and David Dorfman Dance. Most recent projects include a solo show, up against at Gibney Presents and projects with Joann Kotze, Beth Gil, and Faye Driscoll. Jennifer currently teaches at Gibney Dance (NYC), Sarah Lawrence College, (NY) and Marymount Manhattan College (NYC)

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Dance & Cultural Histories