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Shelbi Cornelison

Class of 2022, Major in Film and Media Studies 

Having the ability to individualize my education at MMC to be aligned toward all facets of the music industry gave me the confidence I needed to jump headfirst into the industry of my dreams with zero hesitation post-grad. I learned about topics such as music video production, business, and marketing.


I run fan engagement at Atlantic Records for pop/rock music, a new position for the company. Essentially, I’m the bridge between artists and fans and lend a hand in events, listening parties, fan gifts, easter eggs, tour moments, etc. Anything a fan “touches” or interacts with in real life or online, I facilitate in some way. For example, I recently worked with fan pages to organize and promote a streaming party for “Private Landing,” a new song by Don Toliver, Justin Bieber, and Future.

My senior thesis at MMC helped me get the position! It was titled “Meet Me in the GA Line: A complex analysis of Stan Twitter Cultures and Fan-Cultivated Music Marketing in the 21st Century,” and I attached it to my job application. About two months into my role, I found out that the thesis was why I was selected in the final interview stages when it was down to a few other applicants and me.