VII. Carly Shraga


Deconstructed Chaos



I. Vastaa

II. Kellute


I. Vladislav Delay

II. Vladislav Delay


Gray Laxton: They/Them

Sadie Wheeless: She/Her

Cat Mills: She/Her

Elias Colado: He/Him

Olivia Abadie: She/Her

Morgan Baker: She/Her

Cecilia Davis: She/Her

Kjerstin Bartell: She/Her

Madi Lash: She/Her


Lighting Designer

Phillip Burke Brown



About Carly:

Carly Shraga, is a current sophomore at Marymount Manhattan College where she is continuing her dance training and career as a dance major. Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, Carly trained at the Academy of Dance and fine arts where she trained in a variety of dance genres. Some of the professional choreographers Carly has worked with include, Cara Goodwin, Tyne Stecklein, Melissa “MJ” Jackson, Teddy Forance, Caroline Lewis-Jones, Nancy Lushington and more. Additionally, she danced with Caroline Lewis-Jones and Morgan Holton’s, “Unbound Dance Company” as a company member for their shows, “(in)finite”, and “Unbeing.” This season, Carly will also be working for Adrenaline and Revive dance conventions as a professional assistant.