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III. Jazelynn Goudy


Ode to Club Sugar
Music & Composers
Music Mixed and Mastered by Sweet! JazéG (Jazelynn Goudy)
Artist Included
 - DJBoobah
- KStylis
- Laya
- Dj Dice (Chicago)
- Prod. Freddy Fredd
- Gotti Boi Chris
- MyaaP
- DJ Nyla Symoneee
Jasmine Williams  she/her
Destiny Cloud  she/her
Hattie Greene  she/her
Alyssa Marten she/they
Bria Nance  she/her
Claire Wagner*  she/her
Alyssa Marten  she/her
Juliyanna Ramos  she/her
Emily Roche  she/her
Isa Cano-Hoyos  they/them

*Unable to perform due to injury

Costume Designer
Gabrielle Corrigan & Jazelynn Goudy
Lighting Designer
 Burke Brown
Alesondra Christmas, ABD

WHACK, WHAM! YHOP ABOW! Get In Mode!!! “Ode 2 Club Sugar” is a (re)imagined day in the life of teenagers in Milwaukee as they transition from after-school detention to a fun night at Club Sugar. This piece is an homage to Club Sugar, a teen club in Milwaukee, WI (MKE), from 2007 -2010. Club Sugar was a teen haven every weekend, and some weekdays, from 9:00 pm - 1:30*-ish in Milwaukee’s Southside neighborhood, Walker Point. The nights spent at Club Sugar were a catalyst for the MKE dance style Bangin/Twangin, which is intensely centered on improvisation and battling. At Club Sugar, MKE dances grew and blended with other popular Black social dances of the Midwest and U.S. mainstream to create a subculture that shifted, expanded, and represented MKE culture.
Rooted in the principles of Sankofa, “Ode 2 Club Sugar” invites the audience on a journey to the special place that encouraged MKE teens to honor their humanity, explore evolving identities, and liberate themselves from the stress of living. As teens relish in one of a few spaces where they are centered and celebrated for all that they are and are making themselves to be, we see the sacred tracings that define MKE dance.

Special shout out to Milwaukee Artist DJ Boobah, MyaaP, Steve Da Stoner, 4Waukee.
Special shout out to Alesondra Christmas, Davianna Griffin, Jordan Pettis, Joline Collins, Timeka Boone, and for the inspiration and support xoxo