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IV. Chloe ‘Buggy’ Wells


Living Dead Girl
I. Original Composition
II. Dragula 
I. Composed and performed by Ryan Defranzo
II. Rob Zombie
Briana Doran she/her
Adam Cico he/him
Katie Lehoty she/her
Sarah Burke she/her
Elias Colado he/him
Allison Feller she/her
Melissa Barnhizer she/her
Lacey Fowler she/her
Sydney Cullen she/her
Costume Designer
Gabrielle Corrigan

So much love to my rockin cast! And a special thanks to Ryan Defranzo for composing the perfect score to this story. This is my life and my story on the stage, and I’m so grateful to everyone who played a part in helping me share this story in my own special way.