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V. Monique Smith


Lady Ella
I. Smooth Sailing
II. The Man I Love
III. Honeysuckle Rose
I. Arnett Cobb
II.  George Gershwin
III. Fats Waller & Andriamanantena Paul Razafinkarefo
Madison Brice  she/her
Elena Carr  she/her
Nick Coscarart  he/him
Stella DiFronzo  she/her
Kinsley Gagnon  she/her
August Green  she/her
Sophia Greene she/her
Gianna Hickey  she/her
Calli Jack  she/her
Grace Lebeau  she/her
Mandi Loughran  she/her
Owen Lunsford  he/him
Lillie Martin  she/her
Tara Mologousis  she/her
Christna Naslund  she/her
Molly Ouret  she/her
Costume Designer
Gabrielle Corrigan
Lighting Designer
Burke Brown