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VI. Gabriella Mittenthal

  • Gabriella Mittenthal ’23


“All in all,”


I. Sleepgarden
II. Button on Brown
III. Eloquent Frog
IV. Thursdays Interlude by Alan Gogoll
Edited by Gabriella Mittenthal with help from Dan Cooper
Mari Witwer  she/her
Sam Noto  she/her
Kelly Dresner  she/her
Abby Boldy  she/her
Gray Laxton  she/her
Katie Lehoty  she/her
Madi Brice  she/her
Gianna Hickey  she/her
Spencer Schofield  he/him
Tara Mologousis  she/her
Christina Naslund  she/her
Owen Lunsford  he/him
Costume Designer
Gabrielle Corrigan
Lighting Designer
Jhona Coombs ’23