Jenna Rivera’23

Class of 2023, BA Business (Social Entrepreneurship concentration) and Psychology double major, Minor in Dance

  • Jenna Rivera, Class of 2023

“Throughout my time here, I have been given the opportunities to work with several of my professors one-on-one, developing projects and connections. After discovering how much I enjoyed the process and theories of learning, I became a teaching assistant for PSYCH 426 Experimental Psychology with Dr. Linda Solomon. This taught me how to manage behaviors, aid in research, and developing strategies with a professional. I was also given the opportunity to collaborate on writing and publishing a book with Dr. Nava Silton, “Exploring the Benefit of Creative Arts Therapies for Children, Adolescents, and Adults.” My contribution to this book as an author and as a member of the editorial review board has taught me how to produce professional quality work. My senior year, I developed a strategic analysis on a global public company with the help of Dr. Vandana Rao, which taught me exactly how to examine strong business practices. “


As a first-generation college student, I was nervous entering a professional scholarly setting. However, MMC has allowed me to open up and create lasting relationships with other students, faculty, and staff. I began MMC as just a Psychology major and added the Business major and Dance minor my second year after wanting a more diverse and rigorous experience. I was also invited into the College Honors Program and received the Academic Achievement Award for outstanding scholastic accomplishments this same year.

As a graduating senior, I received the Gold Key in both the Psychology & Business majors. I have also become a member of three international honors societies: Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, and Sigma Beta Delta. I was recently accepted into East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania and will be pursuing my Master’s degree in Special Education & Rehabilitation, with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis. While I plan on becoming a BCBA (board certified behavioral analyst), I also plan on using my knowledge gained from the business department at MMC to eventually open my own practice and encompass each of my areas of study. I am truly grateful to everyone at MMC who helped me achieve my goals and grow as a professional.