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Carlie Wenzel’23

Class of 2023, Double major in BA Business (Media and Arts Management Concentration) and Dance

  • Carlie Wenzel, 2023

“At MMC, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined and I am beyond thankful for the relationships that I have developed. I found that I thrived in a very intimate class setting in which I developed a rapport with every professor I was fortunate to work with. MMC has an intimate class setting which facilitates close personal connections. In my business studies, I was greatly fulfilled with the real world application and experiences pertaining to marketing, digital marketing, advertising, and so much more. “


My experience at Marymount Manhattan College has had a lasting impact on my life both personally as well as professionally. I began my journey at MMC as a Dance major as I was certain MMC would provide me with the education and support to enhance my passion in Dance. I truly enjoyed my coursework and soon discovered that I wanted to take advantage of all MMC had to offer. MMC had provided a canvas and I began to nourish my soul through exploring and navigating my other passions. I decided to enroll as a double major and pursue a second degree in Business with a concentration in Media and Arts Management.

I am proud to have participated in a marketing internship with Dance Media, a company that fully combined my two passions in the best way possible: dance and business. I have found my creative voice as a dancer and of course within the world of media and arts management as well. More than that, I found myself doing and achieving all of this within the heart of NYC, which opened up a whole world of opportunity for growth in itself. I have endless gratitude for the support and education I received at MMC and I have wholeheartedly pursued my passion for dance and business. I would not change a thing.