Stoli Wolfgang Rohrkemper’23

Class of 2023, BA: Business with Fashion Marketing Concentration, Minor in Dance

“As I reflect on the past couple years and my studies, I am grateful for the top-notch education I have received. Had it not been for my dedicated professors, I would not have been able to say that at just 19 years old, I am graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing, with a minor in dance. “


My journey to MMC started many years ago. Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I knew from a young age I wanted to attend university in New York. I left high school early to attend my first two years at a local community college, and during that time I was fortunate to visit New York and tour many of the universities. The minute I stepped onto the MMC campus it was clear it was the right place for me to finish my last two years of college, and that proved to be very true.

I moved to New York and began my junior year at MMC at the age of 17. Even though I was younger than my classmates, I had an instant connection with my fellow students and professors due to the positive and supportive environment that MMC fosters. During my time I was able to explore the many programs MMC has to offer and grow in my confidence to seek outside opportunities as well. This led me to complete a summer internship with the Walt Disney Company in park operations. Additionally, during my time at MMC I was inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society for Business, and retained a spot on the Dean’s List every semester. 

I would especially like to acknowledge Professor Kim, Professor Carvalho, and Dr. Abraham Rabinovich for guiding me with graceful hands and pushing me to be my best.