Tiffany Hernandez ’24


(she/he/they) I’m a double major in Studio Art and Psychology with an Art Therapy minor.  

What are your interests and career goals?
Art is a significant part of my life—my preferred medium is oil paint. Besides art, my hobbies consist of collecting snow globes, crocheting, and a little photography. In the past, I worked as an art intern at Studio Institute, where I taught children art for six weeks through video and Zoom. My career goal is to be a children’s art therapist or art teacher. I also like to read mystery and fantasy books, listen to podcasts about social issues, and watch a lot of crime and medical shows.

Why do you want to become a peer mentor?
I want to guide and support first-year students as they transition into college. Starting college can be a stressful experience because you’re trying to figure out how everything works. So it can be helpful for first-year students to have someone who’s gone through the experience and who they can ask questions.