Courtney Ross


Courtney Ross (Scenic Designer/Assistant Technical Director) is thrilled to be Scenic Designing again! She has been the Assistant Technical Director at Marymount for the past two years.

Some past MMC credits include Head Over Heels (Technical Director), Uncle Vanya (Technical Director), and Men on Boats (Technical Director). Other credits include completing a Scenic Design Internship at Davd Korins Studio, as well as working as a carpenter in multiple Off-Broadway Theaters. It’s been wonderful to create this world.

Thank you to Brandon and the rest of the Creative team on The Caucasian Chalk Circle.I could not have done this without the constant support of my mom, Millie and Bryant. Thank you all for always being there, dealing with me when I’m grumpy and even helping me with the build for this show. Special thanks to Rob Dutiel for never failing to push me to pursue excellence.


Scenic Designer, Assistant Technical Director