III. Ingeborg Kolstad


Styggen på ryggen



Rudtjen Tjuvdie – Styggen På Ryggen (Fra De Neste)



Marja Mortensson



Cici Cardinal - she/her

Jenni Fawver – she/her

Kena Ruiz Ransom – She/her

Tara Mologousis – she/her

Danielle Jewell-Wolf –she/her

Amanda Romano – she/her

Rebecca Sherr She/her

Posey Zielinski – She/her



Elise Hunt - She/her



About Ingeborg:

Ingeborg Kolstad is a Senior at Marymount Manhattan College where she is pursuing a BA in Dance with a concentration in Teaching Dance Arts. As an international student from Norway, she draws inspiration from her country and its culture when creating movement and ideas. Ingeborg has experience performing both on stage and television, but this is her first time choreographing for DAW. She is excited to share her findings and explorations, and hope you enjoy the performance!