IV. Parker Ramirez


Come To The Watering Hole


Music & Composer

I. The Bucketheads

II. Love Journey ft. Latanza Waters

III. Black Coffee

IV. Disclosure



Nick Coscarart (he/him)

Isabelle Boysen (she/her)

Emily O’Neil (she/her)

Christina Naslund (she/her)

Emily Pilz (she/her)

Juliyanna Ramos (she/her)


Costume Designer

Gabrielle Corrigan

Olivia Zacchia

Joanna Afonzo


Lighting Designer

Burke Brown


Sound Design and Composition

Parker Ramirez

Dan Cooper

“To my Mother and Father, thank you for your love and support! To the lovers who showed me the Watering Hole, thank you <3 the woman who yelled at me on the train, I don’t like being a man either. Let’s go to the Watering Hole.” - Parker


About Parker:

Parker Ramirez (they/them) is a queer, neurodivergent, multi-disciplinary artist, teaching artist, and writer based in NYC. Their work comes from the queer joy in the art of failure, time accommodations, their connection to the spiritual, and a necessity to learn more. They intend to graduate in the spring with a BFA degree in dance with a minor education in business management. Their college career has involved working with artists such as Katy Pyle, Nancy Lushington, Andrea Miller, Cameron McKinney, and Ginger Thatcher. They are also the co-director for their improvisational dance collective, 5$Movement