Etain Ambrose ’25


(she/her) I’m a double major in Psychology and Art History. I aim to go into counseling and become a therapist specializing in family and marriage counseling. I love reading, listening to music, attending concerts, exploring galleries, and sewing. I’ve been reading a lot of horror recently, but I enjoy most genres.

What made you want to be a peer mentor?
When I first learned about the program, I thought back to when I was a freshman and how much I would have benefited from something like it. With that in mind, I wanted to help calm the anxieties someone might have coming into college and help guide them using the experience I’ve gathered here at MMC. In addition, I want to become a therapist, so it is good practice for counseling.

What do you like most about Marymount Manhattan College?
I really like how supportive and open the community is at MMC. Everyone cares about what they are learning and teaching, which is very motivating. In a different environment, I would not be as inspired to work hard and accomplish my goals. But here, there is such an air of support from peers and staff.