Magdalena Maczynska


Associate Professor of English and World Literatures


English and World Literatures





Dr. Magdalena Maczynska received her Ph.D. from The Catholic University of America. Her field of study is contemporary fiction, with emphasis on British, Anglophone, and urban writing. She has published articles on the work of Diran Adebayo, Martin Amis, David Lodge, China Mieville, Ian McEwan, Ben Okri, Will Self, and Zadie Smith. Dr. Maczynska is currently working on a book examining appropriations of religious scriptures in 21st century fiction.


B.A., Wroclaw University, Poland
M.A., Wroclaw University, Poland
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America


I love taking my students to literary evenings at ​​92Y​, where the world’s best living authors come together to read and discuss their work. Over the years, my students and I had the privilege of hearing such literary giants as Tony Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Amy Tan, Martin Amis, Jamaica Kincaid, Orhan Pamuk, and many others. When I teach my Reading Contemporary India class, I also like to take students to see relevant exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Artthe Rubin Museum (featuring the art of the Himalayas) and the nearbyAsia Society.


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