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Dominique Studer ’11

Class of 2011, B.S. in Marketing

“The Business Management Program at Marymount Manhattan College has given me the resources and knowledge to succeed. Through various core classes and electives, it prepared me well for Wall Street and the volatile global market. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business Management, concentration in Marketing and minor in Hispanic Studies.”


After graduation I worked at Goldman Sachs covering the Global Investment Research Division as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Coordinator onsite. We brought experienced hires to do research for the company across various sectors, including Internet, Energy, and Financials. Each day was filled with opportunities to grow and expand on skillsets and aspirations. I enjoyed being surrounded by an empowering group of people from all walks of the world, working to search for talent in today’s market. Being able to interact and speak with such people on a daily basis was very rewarding. Presently, I am at Columbia University.   

During my time at Marymount Manhattan, I was the Secretary of the Campus Activities Board and an active member of both the Business and National Honors Society. Through these extracurricular activities, I not only made tight-knit friendships but was able to help promote school spirit and a passion in the business world. Off-campus, I completed an internship for two summers at Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education. They were looking for college students who would come and help build multi-cultural communities through their High School Summer Program. I acted as a resident advisor, program assistant and teaching assistant throughout my time. I honed my interpersonal and leadership skills and gained insight to how important cultural awareness and diversity is to a community.

Aside from my internship and campus activities, I decided to study abroad twice during my time at Marymount. The first time was during the summer of freshman year in Madrid, Spain for 2 months. I wanted to strengthen my Spanish and understand how they do business internationally. My mentors and advisors in the Business program were very encouraging and excited to hear about my experience. First semester, senior year, I decided to take my studies across the globe to Shanghai, China. There I attended Fudan University and enrolled in both Chinese and businesses classes. Unlike my study abroad experience in Spain, I did not know Mandarin and just took a leap of faith and dove into it head first. Of all my experiences throughout college, studying in China was definitely the most rewarding and eye-opening.

Marymount Manhattan College was the foundation through which I was able to piece together all my experiences and walk confidently towards my goals and passion. Through my advisors, peers, and mentors, I was able to make the most out of my time at Marymount. One piece of advice I would give to any student is to never sell yourself short. If you are interested in joining a particular club or trying out a class not within your major; go for it. You have the opportunity to do so and the resources to help you along the way. Also, if an opportunity presents itself, take it. If you want to study abroad, do it. Don’t let anything stop you. There is a lot to learn outside the four walls of a class, and you have to be proactive and passionate to further yourself and stand out.