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Sharmin Kazi ’13

Class of 2013, Major in Accounting and Minor in Philosophy

“For anyone considering attending Marymount, I would highly recommend choosing a Business major; the faculty members in the Business division are excellent and the courses are challenging. The small class sizes, the faculty expertise and the myriad opportunities that the Business department has to offer is invaluable for any student looking to expand their skill set and pursue a rewarding career.”


I entered Marymount as a Freshman in 2009 unsure as to what I wanted as a career. By the end of my first year, I had taken a few business classes and realized that I needed to pursue a major which would give me the skills necessary to obtain a competitive edge in a work environment that seems to increasingly place emphasis on quantitative and analytical skills.

After consulting with various professors in the Business division, I decided to major in Accounting and pursue a minor in Philosophy – thus balancing my need for exposure to the traditional liberal arts curriculum along with a more focused approach on developing solid technical skills. The faculty in both the Business and the Philosophy department were excellent in terms of creatively integrating the two areas by offering blended courses such as Business Ethics and providing guidance throughout my four years at Marymount.

After graduation, I accepted the position of Energy Analyst at utiliVisor. As an Energy Analyst, I worked alongside other analysts and engineers to analyze our clients’ energy consumption patterns and provide personalized advice on increasing their energy efficiency in a profitable manner. I found the work challenging at first since I had never been exposed to anything pertaining to energy engineering, but I soon realized that the key is to focus on applying the same general analytical skills that I learned as an Accounting major.

The internships I held at Marymount also helped me tremendously as I prepared for my first full-time job. During my time at Marymount, I volunteered with VITA, interned for a CPA firm, and worked part-time as a Bookkeeping/Clerical Assistant at a museum. Each of these experiences helped me develop professionally and paved the way to my first job. The faculty in the Business department, as well as the Career Services office, provided the means to access these various opportunities. The College’s small size is truly an asset because it allows each student to interact with the faculty and staff and this is the aspect I appreciated most about Marymount.