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James Matson ’14

Class of 2014, Business major with a concentration in Economics, International Studies major, Asian Studies minor

Graduating with a double major in Business Economics and International Studies, and a minor in Asian Studies, my course work in Mandarin language and Chinese literature, business and history at Marymount has proved extremely relevant to the work I did at Christie’s, helping me to accomplish tasks such as the provenance research for ancient Chinese art.

“Having worked as an intern in the Chinese Works of Art department at Christie’s auction house, I found my experience extremely relevant as it complemented my undergraduate studies at Marymount Manhattan. “


James graduated with a B.A. in Business with an Economics concentration and a B.A. in International Studies, as well as a minor in Asian Studies.

James interned in the Chinese Works of Art department at Christie’s auction house as a senior and spent one summer semester studying abroad in China supported by the Eisner Scholarship. The Eisner Scholarship at Marymount Manhattan College was endowed by Edgar and Lucy Eisner and is intended to foster the serious study of economic issues by attending an educational institution in Europe or Asia.

“Apart from applying what I’ve learned in school, the work I did at Christie’s during my internship was an incredible learning opportunity. Each day at the office I  gained new experience in how to perform certain tasks more efficiently, or how to accomplish something I hadn’t done before. Most interesting, and particularly to an internship with Christie’s, was the constant exposure to the art. The art pieces were incredible, and it was an excellent experience to assist the specialists and employees of Christie’s in their tasks dealing with these artifacts.”

“The business curriculum at the college has been useful to my internship experience. Particularly, the skills I have learned from Professor Changarath in IT 330, to work efficiently in Microsoft Excel, have proved most valuable. My being able to quickly develop spreadsheets for the specialists in my department is a result of practicing these skills in the classroom.”

Shortly after graduating, James Matson was offered and accepted a position in the Business Office at Christie’s, NYC.