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Hannah Pressler ’13

Class of 2013, Major in Business Management and Marketing, Minor in Accounting

“Above all else, I would strongly advice working closely with Marymount’s faculty who all bring very valuable real-world knowledge to the classroom.  My relationships with faculty throughout my time at Marymount became paramount to my success as a student and now as a working professional.”


I graduated from Marymount in the Spring of 2013 with a B.S. in  Business Management and Marketing and a minor in Accounting.

After graduation, I worked as the Compliance Assistant at Halcyon Asset Management LLC, a very well regarded and successful private hedge fund. I performed administrative tasks for the Deputy Chief and Chief Compliance Officers and reported to them on forensic testing projects as well as other current regulatory compliance-needs based tasks. In this position, I was able to utilize many of my natural and learned skills while developing knowledge about the Compliance Landscape in the Hedge Fund industry. 

Current and future Marymount students should keep in mind that a strong work ethic and a passion for learning are the key to success after graduation. Strong academics are a stepping stone to great professional opportunities. 

The liberal arts approach to learning which Marymount offers has given me the ability to approach projects, challenges, and problems with a broadened perspective.  My education has taught me that there are many ways to view an endeavor, whether in my professional or personal life, and that no one way takes precedence and all are valuable.  In addition to this liberal arts way of thinking, I also gained a professional and directive set of skills in Marymount’s business and accounting programs where, at times, there is only one way to solve a problem.  The combination of these two important learning styles and areas of study has given me skills which are highly valued by my employer.