Jason Yuhas ’11

Class of 2011, B.S. in Marketing

“While at MMC, Jason enjoyed going to class and spending time learning from the excellent professors. The business division professors were very knowledgeable and used real-life examples or current events to explain the material. This made it easier to grasp concepts used in the business world. The career services department helped out a lot by assisting in finding an internship for Jason. Jason interned at NBC his junior year which made a huge impact on his career.”


Jason graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Marymount Manhattan College in 2011. Jason started at Vertical Search Works, a search technology company in March 2011 and continually rose up the ladder to serve as Director of Sales Operations. Jason also continued his education at Strayer University where he earned an Executive MBA in 2015.

Jason interned at NBC in his junior year which made a huge impact on his career. Having this internship taught Jason more about business then any classroom could; it also gave some great references and made his resume and experience more valuable. Jason has stayed in touch with NBC which has helped him network and generate business. 

The NBC internship, combined with the knowledge from MMC professors, taught Jason that the one thing you need to do in life is to work hard. This work ethic starts when you are in school. You have to discipline yourself to be hardworking, find an internship and be prepared for interviews once you start your job search.

If you would like to connect with Jason feel free to reach out to him by connecting on LinkedIn