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  • B.S. in Finance

    Major Requirements: 54 credits
    General Education Requirements: 42 credits
    Elective Credits: 24 credits

    B.S. Business Core Required Courses: (36 credits)
    BUS 100 The Contemporary Workplace  3
    BUS 210 Marketing 3
    ECO 210 Principles of Macroeconomics  3
    ECO 213 Principles of Microeconomics  3
    ACCT 215 Principles of Accounting I  3
    ACCT 217 Principles of Accounting II  3
    BUS 224 Statistics for Business  3
    BUS 277 The Legal Environment of Business 3
    BUS 309 Financial Management  3
    BUS 316 Organizational Behavior  3
    IT 330 Business Management & Information Technology  3
    BUS 403 Strategic Management  3
    Finance Required Courses: (9 credits)
    BUS 223 Intro to Investments  3
    BUS 324 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
    ECO 375 Money, Banking and Financial Markets (UP) 3

    Choose three of the following courses:

    (9 credits)
    ACCT 319 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3
    ACCT 321 Intermediate Financial Accounting II 3
    ACCT 324 Managerial Accounting 3
    ACCT 325 Income Taxation of Individuals 3
    ACCT 328 Financial Statement Analysis 3
    ACCT 332 Forensic Accounting (EP) 3
    BUS 337 Securities Analysis 3
    BUS 347 Corporate Finance 3
    BUS 357 International Finance 3
    Total Credits: 54 Credits


    1. Finance majors must pass MATH 113 with at least a C minus (C-) or pass a higher-level Math course.
    2. OPEN ELECTIVE credits must be chosen such that a total of 60 credits are in the liberal arts.
    3. Since some of the courses have prerequisites, the specific program should be arranged in close collaboration with a business faculty advisor.
    4. A student receiving a grade of D in a required or elective course for the major must repeat the course.


Keith Smith, Class of 2022
July 29
Keith Smith, Class of 2022, Double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship and double minors in Accounting and Economics, joins Deloitte Consulting as a full-time Analyst in the Boston office.
Giovanne Rodriguez, Class of 2024
July 27
Finance major Giovanne Rodriguez’ 24, takes on a summer internship at JP Morgan.
Leana Jannetty
October 25


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